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We support the World of Knowledge Program. Helping children in the Philippines get an Education. Support us by buying your Tagalog language product here and we in turn will help support children in the Philippines get a better education!
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download philippines culture and history game
We have been selling the Best Tagalog Language Courses on the internet since 2002. Originally we started with one Tagalog language course and over the years we have expanded our line to Tagalog language software and learning games.
Our line of language courses now spans the Ilocano and Cebuano language. Each learning course we offer has a link on the left side of this page.
Note: Many of the Tagalog language course material is also available as a download. We offer a substantial savings on the download version since it saves on time, shipping and labor. The Tagalog Language download products are the same as the shipped version, just packaged for download in a .zip file to be unpacked by you once downloaded. International buyers find this to be the best way to purchase these Tagalog language courses. But we are happy to ship them to you also. You decide what is best for you.

If you decide to buy a Tagalog language course and have it shipped, we get your item out the door within 24-48 hours. You will receive a shipping notification via email upon shipment. Shipment is through USPS.

Paypal is our payment processor. Paypal is Secure and one of the largest online payment processors in the world. You do not need a credit card to pay with Paypal and you do not need to create an account. When you fill in your info for payment, Paypal will process you as a guest. If your Debt card has a Visa, Master card, Amex etc. logo, then Paypal will treat it the same as having a credit card and debt your account.
We get none of your information from Paypal except the item purchased, your mailing address (if needed to ship item) and that the payment has processed successfully.
Payment is through Paypal - No Paypal Account Required
Download Page with Link delivered immediately after payment if buying a download copy of the program.
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The Best Tagalog and Filipino Language courses that are fast, simple, and
an easy way to learn the Filipino ( Tagalog ) Language.
This is not a cookie cutter program !
Our courses are developed based on the Language and the CULTURE.
***** Developed with Native Educators and Speakers *****
All our Tagalog language programs exceed the run of the mill generic Tagalog Language programs available.
Considered the fastest way to learn the Tagalog Language.
Best yet, not only do many course contain a normal CD course for a CD player, they also contain the course in MP3 so you can take the course with you on your portable device. Read the product description-Downloaded audio courses are only available in MP3. Prices are located on individual product pages..
We have everything you need from Audio to Software to Games to learn the language. Why be stuck with one way to learn, break up the learning experience with multiple type products and make it fun!
So give us a try. And packages of more than one product saves you money...
download Philippines culture and history game
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Top Downloads
Download of tagalog language
Tagalog language 4 CD course in download MP3. Included printable lesson book. Hear the Difference!
Cebuano language download
Hard to find Cebuano language course. Teaches basic Cebuano language
Philippines game download
Game to learn the Culture and History of the Philippines. Interactive animated game. Fun !
Download Ilocano
Rare course to find. Ilocano language course.
Download tagalog course
Super Saver Tagalog Language Mega Pac. Included is the Tagalog language course and lessons (4cd set in mp3), the tagalog language software and the Philippines Culture and History game.
Special forces Filipino language
U.S. Special Forces course learn Tagalog / Filipino language!
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